Festive Countdown - day 3 

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Festive Countdown - day 2 

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Our beautiful new Trii design 

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Meet a true craftsman 

We were devastated when our magnificent Coronation chair recently returned home damaged from its sojourn in London... Devastated because we had not yet heard of Hugh and Verna Lane, master restorers and experts on all things old and beautiful. I Google-searched "antique restorers Cape Town" and Hugh and Verna's company had by far the most glowing testimonials.

Hugh speaks a language peppered with exotic words like veneer, lacquer, French polish, shellac, walnut and oak. There is a wonderful balance of order and disorder in his workshop, where everything has a place, and Hugh knows exactly where that place is. Louis, the funniest hound ever keeps Hugh company.

Hugh did major surgery on the chair and she is as good as new, which is a good thing, because she is about to leave us for good... for her new home at the South African High Commission in London!

If you have a piece of antique furniture that needs repairing, whether structural or in the finish, give them a call - they know their stuff. You can find all their details here.
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The dream team does it again 

Zanele and her team of weaving wizards never fail to astound me. We recently received an order from a Mielie fan from San Francisco for ten custom Mielie bags. Only snag was that she wanted to collect them when she was in Cape Town... a week later! We normally take four to six weeks to complete an order, but Zanele and the team were up to the challenge. Thanks to all the weavers and finishers - I know a couple of late nights went into completing this one!
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Colour, glorious colour! 

Nothing makes us Mielie peeps happier than a big and bright haul of spaghetti with which to paint! The beautiful Mielie bags in the centre are waiting to board a plane to Fort-de-France Martinique. They are on a mission to spread some Mielie love in a beautiful shop called Perlimpinpin. In case you're wondering, Perlimpinpin means snake oil!
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Saying goodbye is never easy... 

These beauties are off to their new home at So Local, a beautiful gift shop in Bethlehem, Freestate, tomorrow. Au revoir, my lovelies!
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Feathery greens & greys 

We're all pretty pleased with how our new Feather design came out in shades of green and grey. On sale in the shop here.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!
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Great news 

I had a call from Zanele on Sunday, asking if we could help her move her furniture and the Mielie materials urgently. She and about twenty neighbours had been informed on Saturday evening that the housing department was going to start building her a house... on Monday AND that she had to clear all her possessions AND her shack by 6am on Monday morning!

Everyone had permission to rebuild their shacks on a central piece of communal vacant land, where they will stay until they move into their beautiful new brick houses.

When we arrived there was a scene of happy pandemonium with people running around like crazed ants, breaking down houses and rebuilding them across the road; throwing their possessions into whatever bag or box they could find and lugging them across the road.

Zanele, we're so happy for you and can't wait to enjoy a cup of tea with you in your beautiful new house!
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