Our wish for you 

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I spent yesterday's public holiday screenprinting t-shirts. They came out beautifully! The one with signage from little shops in Woodstock and Salt River is my favourite.

Ntsaphokazi took delivery of her special order today - two AJ bags that she wove herself for her mum and aunt as gifts. If you know her mum or aunt, don't tell, ok?
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Ship shape shop! 

If you've visited our Mielie shop before, you probably would have had the good fortune to meet the ever-gracious, ever-elegant, ever friendly Nolundi, our store manager. Here she is sporting a new look - love the do, girl!

And if you haven't been to visit us in person, here are a couple of last-minute christmas gift reasons:

- our hand-made christmas decorations make an awesome little stocking filler.
They also look great on a beautifully wrapped present

- Speaking of stockings, we have a couple of mielie cuff stockings left

- spell a little boy or girl's name in button-together bunting
(Now also in the webshop)

- african wax print sarong & strappy top with lace trim make a perfect beach holiday gift
(I know, the idea of a beach christmas is a very strange concept to you people of the north)

- we've stocked up with loads of ceeeuuuut coin purses sporting stawberries, cherries
and all things bright and beautiful.

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New design 

We received the first samples of the new Cobble design today. I love the colour combination.
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This city rocks! 

Long Street, Cape Town's coolest street, was a-jiving and a-writhing and a-thriving last night as Capetonians, Africans and people of the world thronged there to celebrate the Fifa 2010 world cup draw. Cape Town pulled out all the stops and gave the world a little taste of an AFRICAN world cup experience!
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Welcome, world 

Tomorrow is a big day in Cape Town. Dignitaries and the who's who in soccer have flown in to attend the draw that decides in which groups the qualifying countries will compete during next year's world cup. To celebrate the event, we thought we'd have some flag fun. We made some AJ bags with the South African flag on one side and the flag of some of our favourite teams on the other. Meanwhile, Nomthunzi made a soccer ball in traditional flag colours.
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Lookin' Hip 

We finished these beaut hipster bags today - they'll be in the shop tomorrow!
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Good morning, sunshine 

The other day a little sunbird flew into the house. In between gingerly trying to whoosh it out with a towel (while reliving a childhood phobia that it will get stuck in my hair), I couldn't resist taking some pics of it in flight. This delicate little bird has a beak perfectly shaped to sip the nectar from various fynbos flowers, like the protea and pincushion.

Now to wash those windows!
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Mielie in the press 

We've had some great exposure in some Scandinavian and local magazines lately. Thanks to all who made it happen!
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A very special guard-Frog 

When we started our food garden in Khayelitsha, I also made a little veggie patch at home. It has been a source of constant joy and delicious nibbles - and the summer bounty hasn't even begun.

While I was to watering the veggie patch late this afternoon, I spotted a young Western Leopard Toad on the path. These beautiful velvety creatures are an endangered species that breed in our area. During breeding season the local conservation group puts up roadsigns that warn drivers to drive with extra care at night, as this is when they tend to be out.

Imagine that! Such an exquisite, rare creature protecting our veggies from pesky insects.

(In case you were wondering why I also planted plastic bottles, I made tiny holes with a hot pin in them before planting. When I water the garden I also fill the bottles to ensure that the moisture seeps deep down to the roots.)
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