Gran's chair has a revamp 

Zanele's looking mighty pleased with herself, and so she should be! She made this beautiful cover for a chair that belonged to one of our customers, Helen's Granny. We'll be posting it to Durban where Helen will have the chair upholstered, but Zanele can already imagine exactly what it will look like. Hope you love it, Helen!
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A great commission for a wonderful client 

We made this magnificent Nguni-inspired headboard for fashion diva Marianne Fassler's Cape Town exquisite apartment at the deliciously seventies Disa Towers. Marianne managed to capture the essence of the cool seventies - down to the crazy paving and give it it a contemporary twist. She has furnished the whole apartment with furniture from local designers. She was delighted with her headboard... and I was delighted too! Thanks Zanele and Vuyelwa for the huge effort, and if you are ever looking for a good upholsterer, speak to Quality Upholsterers in the BoKaap.
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Home, sweet BEAUTIFUL NEW home! 

We have finally moved in to our new premises at Fairweather House, Woodstock. Our new address is:

3rd floor
Fairweather House
176 Sir Lowry Rd
Cape Town.

The Mielie weavers came in with their work today and saw our new home for the first time. They loved it!

Cokile and Nomalizo take a moment to enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

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Mielie in Sarie 

Thank you to Sarie for featuring our the Red leather fringe bag and also an article about Mielie!
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T-shirt wool 

Our t-shirt yarn is becoming increasingly popular with people who like to go home and knit, crochet and knot their own. Each skein is 55m long and since it's recycled, you get what is available at the moment, or, as a little friend recently said: "you get what you get, so don't get upset"!
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Can it possibly be that time again? 

These beauties are about to embark on a looong journey on a ship to Finland, where they will arrive just in time to spread a bit of love and cheer on some lucky Finnish Christmas trees!
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New in the webshop 

We've just stocked up the Mielie webshop with beautiful new bags and pencil cases. At the moment our webshop is only available for Mielie peeps in South Africa.

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Great news! We are moving to the beautiful and lofty Fairweather House in Woodstock! I love the walls, the roof trusses, the concrete, the ceiling beams. But most of all I like the quality of the light. I can't wait to photograph Mielie products in the space! Mausie the red bicycle will keep the Mielie flag flying until we move in... but first there is lots of packing to do.
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Decorex impressions 

Our Nguni and Bubble wrap handbags spent most of the time at Decorex chatting to felter extraordinaire Ronel Jordaan's beautiful felt cushions. Meantime everyone had fun chillaxing in the Bat chair...
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When the going gets tough... 

... the tough get braiding. We were privileged to be invited to be part of the Textile Showcase of the South African Handmade collection at Decorex in Joburg last week. Sheila and I went up to fly the Mielie flag, and it was great to connect with Mielie fans and all the creative people who were showing their newest collections.

My last word on Jozie? Dang, those girls (and boys!) sure know how to braid!
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