Crispy pleated skirts 

These Crispy skirts are new in the shop. Made by Astrid and Nomgcobo, they have two pleats on either side of the centre front panel, roomy pockets embellished with signature Mielie pleating and flattering basque waist detail. Available in three colour combinations, as pictured.

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Charly's fabric 

We've just received our Charly's print in four new colourways, as well as the original beige on brown. This design was inspired by the beautiful pressed ceiling of Charly's backery - next time you're waiting for you cupcakes, look up - you'll find that your time in the queue will fly!

100% local, 100% cotton drill, and ideal for cushions, curtains and homeware. We're selling it at R120 per meter in the shop.
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On Saturday Mielie hosted some German Journalists who were on a tour of South Africa as guests of SA Tourism. It was great to tell them the Mielie story and show them how we make our products - Zanele, Sheila and Mzo were on hand to demonstrate and answer questions. Unfortunately I was too busy talking to take photos, but afterwards Erick of SA Tourism invited us all out for lunch at Kwalapa organic restaurant, where I snapped these pics of the team just about to tuck in. Also pictured is Mawethu, who just happened to be in the right place at the right time!
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Presenting.... {drumrolllllll}... 

We are so pleased to announce the launch of our new range of DIY products, starting with these skeins of t-shirt yarn, the same material that we use to weave our Mielie hooked rug products. And what's more, we worked out a beautiful pattern for a rainbow ripple bathmat or runner for you... absolutely free and pasela! Click here to download.

We'll be growing our range of Mielie DIY products over the next couple of months, so pop in to the shop or send us an email if you have crafty fingers.
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Feelin' Paisley 

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If Christmas decos could talk... 

We'll be popping them into the shop tomorrow...
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Perfect Christmas gifts - Clip Clop planners 

We've just unpacked the most fabulous goodies from those creative genii at Clip Clop. The 2011 African Moon calendar lets you see what the moon is going to be doing every single day of next year. I love the pattern that it creates. Likewise, the tide calendar shows you the exact time of high tide and low tide for the next year, both in Cape Town and Durban - a great gift for the surfers, fishermen and beach walkers in our lives. Not pictured are some handy magnetic notepads that can stick on the fridge and a Family Calendar for 2011 - just the thing for busy families who need to co-ordinate schedules, even for the office. Each month has space for five people to jot down what they are doing every day.

In my opinion their most awesome product is their radial year planner - a wall poster that represents the whole year in a circle, with every day as a slice. On each day you can see what the moon and the tides are doing, what time daybreak and sunset occur and there is also space for your own notes. It also shows the seasons, solstice and equinoxes as well as the months. Imagine. Representing a year as a circle instead of arbitrary blocks of months. Sheer genius!

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Exquisite hand painted cards in stock 

Sheila just put these beautiful cards into the shop. Cut, stitched, pasted and hand painted by Georgie Berens, each one is little masterpiece that would just as happily live in a frame on your wall.

Thanks, Georgie!
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Bumper Friday 

Blog entries have been a bit scarce over the past month or two, so I thought I'd remedy things with a double feature. First up is the first sampling of our new Paisley design. It's been a long time since I've been so excited about a new design. Every single one of them is exquisite, and the weavers did a brilliant job - thanks, Manenikazi!

Zanele looked uber smart at work yesterday, in lacey black with a contrasting cream bag. The occasion? As a member of her son's school governing body, she's been invited to attend the Grade 1's graduation ceremony. "I love wearing black, it makes me feel confident." Doesn't she just?
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Say it! 

Every now and then a little gift arrives in your inbox... like this beautiful photo and the sweetest email from Alexis, a Mielie fan from San Diego, who visited us last month. Alexis is pictured here with a couple of her friends for whom she bought Mielie gifts. Her mail was just what I needed in the middle of a pretty crappy week, and it made me realise how often we THINK a nice thought about someone and don't pick up the phone or send an email and SAY it. So go ahead... make someone's day. Alexis made mine!
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