Colour, glorious colour! 

Nothing makes us Mielie peeps happier than a big and bright haul of spaghetti with which to paint! The beautiful Mielie bags in the centre are waiting to board a plane to Fort-de-France Martinique. They are on a mission to spread some Mielie love in a beautiful shop called Perlimpinpin. In case you're wondering, Perlimpinpin means snake oil!
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Saying goodbye is never easy... 

These beauties are off to their new home at So Local, a beautiful gift shop in Bethlehem, Freestate, tomorrow. Au revoir, my lovelies!
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Feathery greens & greys 

We're all pretty pleased with how our new Feather design came out in shades of green and grey. On sale in the shop here.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!
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Great news 

I had a call from Zanele on Sunday, asking if we could help her move her furniture and the Mielie materials urgently. She and about twenty neighbours had been informed on Saturday evening that the housing department was going to start building her a house... on Monday AND that she had to clear all her possessions AND her shack by 6am on Monday morning!

Everyone had permission to rebuild their shacks on a central piece of communal vacant land, where they will stay until they move into their beautiful new brick houses.

When we arrived there was a scene of happy pandemonium with people running around like crazed ants, breaking down houses and rebuilding them across the road; throwing their possessions into whatever bag or box they could find and lugging them across the road.

Zanele, we're so happy for you and can't wait to enjoy a cup of tea with you in your beautiful new house!
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Spotted - and patterned and blossomed - near Hoedspruit 

Have you heard of Camp Jabulani near Hoedspruit? They offer the most incredible safaris - on the elephant back! What an experience that must be! We decided that it would only be proper to to send their order of Mielie cushions and bags by elephant. The ele-caravan should be arriving any day now and you should soon see the Mielie stuff in the boutique at the lodge.
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Tennis, anyone? 

Lookie what we made as a custom order for Kathy Tillman, a very loyal Mielie fan and supporter! Kathy's daughter is a keen tennis player and she requested a Mielie tennis bag. After a couple of false starts and one or two curses, we're really pleased with the result - thank you Zanele and M!

By the way, if you live near Arrington, Virginia, do yourself a favour and spend the day at the Tillmans' Inglewood Lavendar Farm, a beautiful place for an outing and the perfect venue for a wedding.
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ROARRR if you like our leather fringe bags! 

Just uploaded to the shop. Here.
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Have Breeze Cut, will stamp 

Saturday's rainy weather was just perfect for sprucing up Mielie's packaging with a custom made stamp, skillfully carved by Niki. He used Breeze Cut, which is much easier to cut than old fashioned lino. So nice to get my hands dirty again!
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Just for you! 

We're busy packing these custom cushions for customers in the US. I'm so pleased that they came out so beautifully! The "Helen & Carl" cushion is a wedding gift.
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Happy happy, Zanele! 

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