Bumper Friday 

Blog entries have been a bit scarce over the past month or two, so I thought I'd remedy things with a double feature. First up is the first sampling of our new Paisley design. It's been a long time since I've been so excited about a new design. Every single one of them is exquisite, and the weavers did a brilliant job - thanks, Manenikazi!

Zanele looked uber smart at work yesterday, in lacey black with a contrasting cream bag. The occasion? As a member of her son's school governing body, she's been invited to attend the Grade 1's graduation ceremony. "I love wearing black, it makes me feel confident." Doesn't she just?
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Say it! 

Every now and then a little gift arrives in your inbox... like this beautiful photo and the sweetest email from Alexis, a Mielie fan from San Diego, who visited us last month. Alexis is pictured here with a couple of her friends for whom she bought Mielie gifts. Her mail was just what I needed in the middle of a pretty crappy week, and it made me realise how often we THINK a nice thought about someone and don't pick up the phone or send an email and SAY it. So go ahead... make someone's day. Alexis made mine!
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Peas in a pod 

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Notebooks in the shop 

We just took delivery of these beautiful notebooks. They're in the shop in Africa and Patchwork designs. Think I might keep one...
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Heart t's in the shop 

Nomalungisa and Thembisa made these beautiful heart t's, or skippers, as Thembisa calls them. They're in the shop in blue, dark grey, grey melange, green and a rusty red/orange.

I think I'll call them skippers from now on...
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I DO love this cushion! 

We recently made this beautiful cushion as wedding gift for Iain and Paula. If you're looking for the perfect wedding gift, send us the names of the lucky couple and we'll mielie them for posterity!

By the way, if you're wondering why you can't comment, I've disabled the comment field because the spam monkeys were just freakin' me out.

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Laaaydeees and gentlemen, presenting the new! improved! Mielie shop!! 

The Mielie shop has reopened its doors to rave reviews from loyal and new customers.

**** "A sensation!" ***** - The Crafter's Daily

"A Triumph! This all-star cast is set to bag this year's Mielie awards!" - Busy Hands Magazine

"The set design is bright and warm, allowing the stars to shine on the shelves" - Design Times

Pop in some time and let us have your review.
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Veggie news 

On Thursday and Friday Ben Getz of Urban Harvest and his hard-working team installed this beautiful vegetable garden at the Dora Tamana preschool in Khayelitsha. (The veggies hadn't been planted when I took the photo, so I drew them in).

This food garden was made possible thanks to the generosity of Gunter Berner who fundraised in Germany. With a little weeding and lots of watering the children at Dora Tamana will soon be eating healthy veggies at lunchtime, grown in their own garden!

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somewhere over the rainbow 

Niki and I discovered that you get the most fantastic rainbows when we take photos through my car's laminated windows. (In case you're worried, Niki took the pics while I drove.)
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Philip Garner continued 

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