somewhere over the rainbow 

Niki and I discovered that you get the most fantastic rainbows when we take photos through my car's laminated windows. (In case you're worried, Niki took the pics while I drove.)
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Philip Garner continued 

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Where's Philip? 
This is my favourite book in all the world:

I bought it in Vienna when I was 19, and have loved it for decades now - as you can see by its condition. My friends and children have also pored over it, and it's had some near-death-by-bath experiences. I love the ideas, the styling, the copy - it's all so serious and authentic. But most of all, it's full of brilliant ideas to make life just that much better and funner.

I wondered what Mr Garner has been up to lately, so I googled him. And... nada - there's a Philip Garner the educational psychologist, Philip Garner the chemical engineer, Philip Garner the baseball player, Philip Garner the illustrator, but no Philip Garner the inventor genius. Have you heard of him recently?

I photographed some of the best pics for you - hope you can read the text. Then I rebound it. There. Now it's ready for the next generation. More pics tomorrow.
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Feeling a leedle bit gutted 

The renovation sale has come and gone... now for the renovations. Can't wait to show you the *new*improved Mielie shop. That's me top right, speaking to Saliem, our brilliant handyman. If ever you need work done send me an email - I can highly recommend him.
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Thaka Sunrise 

When developing a new product, it's rare that you hit the nail on the head the first time, which means that you are often left with one, two... or more "flops". The challenge is always to see whether you can turn the flops and overruns into something useful.

We recently made some samples of laptop sleeves in sunrise design for Outi, our Scandinavian distributor, but they missed the Finland boat. This time it was Thaka who suggested we turn it into a sling bag with a flap. Cool! Guess who now comes to work sporting a beaut new sling bag?
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True to form, it's raining on spring day in Cape Town. Oh well, if you live in Cape Town you know that spring takes a little while to say goodbye to winter... and in any case, we can do with the rain after the mild, dry winter. So put on your gumboots and make a splash!
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Oh hear ye! Oh hear ye!! 

Our renovation sale starts today and runs till next Tuesday, when we will be closing the shop for two weeks to spruce things up for spring. Everying in the shop will be marked down by 30%, so don't miss it - Sheila is ready for you!
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Makoti in the house 

Remember Phumla, Mielie's soccer playing tomboy? Well, she got married last week in her hometown of willowvale and came to Mielie dressed in her full Makoti regalia. For the next six months or so she will wear a black headscarf, traditional shweshwe fabric skirt and blanket tied around her hips, a special outfit that signifies that you are a new bride and that you respect your elders. Phumla has also been given a new name - Sinoxolo, which means "we have peace".

Congratulations, Phumla/Sinoxolo!
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Catch-up Friday 

This week, Manyawusa made this special order orbit bag for a customer in the US - I would never have thought to put those colours together, but I have to admit it, they really zing together!

It was also Ntsaphokazi's first day back after she had her baby two months ago. Isn't he a cutie pie?

Finally, we've stocked the shop with a beautiful selection of 100% locally grown & made mohair socks - knee highs, thigh-highs with lace tops & silicone backing so that they stay up, special wellie socks that have extra ribbing so that they stay put and don't creep into your boots, dainty mohair and bamboo leg-warmers... all in time for the cold wet weather predicted for this weekend!

Happy Friday and Womens' Day long weekend, everyone!
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New in the shop: corsage gift tags 

Spring arrived early at the Mielie shop this year with these beautiful - and useful corsage gift tags. They turn a pretty gift into an exquisite gift and the receiver can use it spruce up her wardrobe years to come! Some are hand-felted and hand dyed, and others are hand stitched using fabric scraps.
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