Oh hear ye! Oh hear ye!! 

Our renovation sale starts today and runs till next Tuesday, when we will be closing the shop for two weeks to spruce things up for spring. Everying in the shop will be marked down by 30%, so don't miss it - Sheila is ready for you!
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Makoti in the house 

Remember Phumla, Mielie's soccer playing tomboy? Well, she got married last week in her hometown of willowvale and came to Mielie dressed in her full Makoti regalia. For the next six months or so she will wear a black headscarf, traditional shweshwe fabric skirt and blanket tied around her hips, a special outfit that signifies that you are a new bride and that you respect your elders. Phumla has also been given a new name - Sinoxolo, which means "we have peace".

Congratulations, Phumla/Sinoxolo!
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Catch-up Friday 

This week, Manyawusa made this special order orbit bag for a customer in the US - I would never have thought to put those colours together, but I have to admit it, they really zing together!

It was also Ntsaphokazi's first day back after she had her baby two months ago. Isn't he a cutie pie?

Finally, we've stocked the shop with a beautiful selection of 100% locally grown & made mohair socks - knee highs, thigh-highs with lace tops & silicone backing so that they stay up, special wellie socks that have extra ribbing so that they stay put and don't creep into your boots, dainty mohair and bamboo leg-warmers... all in time for the cold wet weather predicted for this weekend!

Happy Friday and Womens' Day long weekend, everyone!
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New in the shop: corsage gift tags 

Spring arrived early at the Mielie shop this year with these beautiful - and useful corsage gift tags. They turn a pretty gift into an exquisite gift and the receiver can use it spruce up her wardrobe years to come! Some are hand-felted and hand dyed, and others are hand stitched using fabric scraps.
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Meet Ali 

Alison joined Mielie a couple of months ago as our marketing, branding and operations guru, but more importantly as a partner in the business. It's been fantastic to have her on board - she's organised, committed to making a difference in the world, and is bursting with great ideas for growing the Mielie brand. Nice bag, Ali!
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Fruit & Veg City, Khayelitsha 

Remember Zanele's old house? Well, you won't recognise it - when she moved to her new plot, her son, Lubabalo, moved into her old house, and transformed the front section into an ubercool fruit & veg shop. Zanele also offers sewing and darning service from the premises. Viva the entrepreneurial spirit!
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Let's skip work tomorrow and make paper flowers all day! 
The weather gods have smiled on Cape Town for the world cup (this mister Blatter certainly has friends in high places!) But now that the world cup is over, it's weather business as usual. Which means it's freezing with intermittent rain. Just the kind of weather to stay at home with paper, scissors and glue, and tackle a little craft project don't you think?

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Global Forum: the last word 

These beautiful pictures of the Mielie orbits on the stage & foyer area of the Global Forum conference are courtesy of Scenic Design & www.time.com.. The whole project was designed and co-ordinated by the awesome Leon and Giulia of Leg Studios.
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Hello, my beauties! 

I'm back after a blissful week in the Cedarbergs, that land of huge rock formations and even bigger sky. These beauties were in the loft to welcome me back - how nice!

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Orbits go global 
Remember the orbit art pieces we've been making over the past month or two? Well today was their premier at the Global Forum, a gathering of "global leaders in Cape Town to focus on substantive issues and opportunities in the developing world."

Our orbits are mounted on the backdrop and in the reception area, dotted between the presentation screens. As you can imagine, security is pretty tight at the venue, but as soon as I get a photo, I'll post it.

The whole Mielie team would like to thank Leg Studiosfor the fantastic experience.
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