Visiting dignitary 

All the artists and crafters at Montebello rushed out of their studios to marvel at this beautiful creature who graced us with her presence yesterday.
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Who's your Mommy? 

Nwabisa is one of Mielie's talented weaver. She and her family live in BM section of site B, Khayelitsha. She regularly attends our Wednesday food garden workshop, and she's putting what she's learnt to practice by making a tiny veggie garden outside her house - all under the watchful eye of little Avela.
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Weekend workshop 

Niki and I attended a brilliant screen-printing workshop at Fittees in Woodstock on Saturday. You can bring one design with you that they expose on a screen. Then they teach you the ins and outs of screen-printing onto t-shirts, etc. You can also buy t-shirts from them if you want. I printed my King Queen Jackson print onto white organic T-s, which are now on sale in the shop.

The next workshop is on 22 August and the cost is R380. They also provide DELICOUS snacks. And if you ask him nicely, Stephen will do some tricks on his bike for you. If you're interested, mail them on
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More bright young things 

Megan and Tenielle, two surface design students from the Cape Town University of Technology, spent the better part of the past month doing their work practical at Mielie and what a pleasure it's been having them! They were hard-working, punctual, friendly and always prepared to do any shitty job we threw their way with a smile.

Amongst other projects, they designed, laser-cut and embroidered these cute velvet transfer t-shirts ideal for tweenies. Megan and Tenielle are pictured here merchandising their creations in the Mielie shop.

Thanks girls!
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Found this beautiful piece of cloth at a shop that sells reject fabrics. It has about three different prints over each other and is printed on both sides. Hmmm, now should I make some shoppers out of it or perhaps an apron - maybe a table cloth?
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Hop on! 

I have been meaning to take photos of all the fun rides at Kiddy Rides in Observatory for ages so today I ignored that little voice that said, "That falls into the FUN category of your life and right now you don't have time for FUN" - and did it. Boy, it was fun!
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To market 

We completed these fun market bags today - just in time to be on sale at tomorrow's organic market! They're made of laminated hessian (burlap)and each sport a little mielie'ed fruit or veggie.

Finally, I'd just like to say

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Rock 'n royalty 

I made this tribute to some of the music greats who've moved on to the big band in the sky. I thought it would work well on t-shirts or shoppers - what do you think?
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Water on the Brain 

After two wonderfully mild weeks, all the rain that should have been falling from the sky finally did - all at once. Roads have washed away, rivers burst their banks and houses and offices everywhere have beautiful buckets on display to cope with the leaks. Pictured is our little pond, stream, and brand new waterfall!

The sunniest news is that my eldest, Daniel, is back home after five months as an exchange student in Munich. Boy, did I miss him and, boy, has he grown, in so many ways!

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