This blog is 1! 

This little blog celebrated its first birthday on Sunday and I only realised it today! Wow, it's been so much fun. Thank you, loyal blog readers for your wonderful comments, your support, and for reading Mielie Peeps. (A thought - if a blog = a weB LOG, then is a Blog rEADER a bleader?) Also special thanks the Mielie dream team: Malibongwe, Marina, Mzo, Nolundi, Nomthunzi, Sheila and Zanele for their hard word and their ever-willingness to help.

So much has happened in this year - we established the Mielie food garden, and a not-for-profit Foundation dedicated to improving the lives of people who need it. We developed Mielie's homeware range, exhibited at some prestigious exhibitions and traveled and spread the Mielie Love far and wide.

I can't wait to see what next year brings.!
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Sweets for my sweet 
Had a really tough day? Got a sore throat? Need the weather to improve urgently? Need some help getting through your inbox? Need a lazy Sunday to last just a little bit longer? Just pop one of these delicious sweeties in your mouth and everything will be fine come tomorrow morning.

Actually, they're Mielie cushions, and they're on their way to Finland!

The scarf is for my Deon, who's celebrating his birthday today. Deon cycled 550 km last week - for fun(?) and to raise money for our food garden in Khayelitsha. Thanks to everyone sponsored him and thanks Deon for everything. By the way, if you love the font, it's called Knitty and I got it here.

Oh, and farewell, Michael and Farah. Here's to the big moonwalk in the sky.
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Can you see them? 

Presenting Phumza and her performing penguins! Remember the pic of the weird blobs I posted on Monday? Well the weavers turned them into penguin purses today. Now they only need to be folded in half and stitched closed.
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Keeping cozy 

Cape Town is in the midst of howling, raging and drenching storms at the moment, which has inspired us to think about ways to keep warm. We have recently been experimenting with weaving pure merino and karakul wool fleece and I must say, I'm delighted with the result. This little owl/lion bag was the first off the sample line, but we have hot water bottle covers, pyjama cases and slippers in the pipeline. Let me know what you think!
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Happy snappers anonymous 

Hi, I'm Adri and I'm a happy snapper. This fact was confirmed when I recently downloaded my pics onto my laptop and realised that I'd tripped the ph'odometer - yup, I've taken ten thousand pics in a year and a month! Apparently I'm the first person in South Africa to report the problem of having to deal with two photos called dsc0001.jpg on my hard drive.

To celebrate this event I crochet-ed (language people, help me here!) a groovy 70's strap for my hard-working baby. Hmmm maybe it needs a peace sign and some mellow daisies...

Needless to say, I love my Sony (DSC H10). It weighs very little, fits into most of my handbags - I ALWAYS have it with me; has a great zoom lens and offers image stabilisation so that I can take pics in low light without a flash. It also has a manual setting which I love experimenting with.

I think digital photography has produced so many excellent photographs because now everyone can afford to experiment - it doesn't cost a cent, just a little, umm, focus.

As I get braver on my photography journey I think I might start yearning for a camera with replaceable lenses - but for now this little Sony rocks! And no-one is paying me a cent to say so.
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Morning light and a mystery 

I took this picture at 7.14 this morning especially for everyone enjoying the midnight sun at the moment. A month ago when Zanele and I were in Finland we really struggled to get used to the sun shining at 10.00 at night.

Is it a bird? is it a plane? Is it - a lung? It's a bird actually. These little babies will waddle home as little penguin purses - hopefully later this week. I'll snap them when they do.
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Winter solstice 

Tonight is officially the shortest night of the year and only the bravest dog lovers were out on Hout Bay beach this afternoon. We have six days of rainy weather predicted, and experience has taught me that the second half of winter lasts MUCH longer than the first half, but still. But still.
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upside down world 

This beauty has just left to replace the one that sold at the Top of the World exhibition. It's an upside-down globe with Cape Town cunningly placed on top - making us the coolest place - on top of the world, as it were. It has a large 75cm pilates ball inside it.
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Winning coin purses 

The winners of our recipe competition designed or chose their own coin purse, and the last one came in yesterday. Here the all are, ready to be posted on Monday.
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MORE soccer! 

On our way to our weekly workshop at the Mielie Food Garden in Khayelitsha it seemed that the beautiful game was on everyone's mind. Even Sliden, one of Ben's skillful Urban Harvesters was kitted out in his Man U outfit. The artist of the beautiful wall art depicting some of our local soccer clubs is Ayanda. He says business is slow right now, so if you need your club emblazoned on your front wall, Ayanda's your man.

And of course, last night South Africa's Bafana Bafana beat New Zealand's All Whites. Now we need to beat Spain on Saturday!

By the way, if you are wondering how Deon and Dusty are doing on their great adventure, click here for some beautiful pics and stories.
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