The perfect card clip 
The products we make and sell in our shop all have an amazing story, and I realised that we don't always communicate exactly how much work goes into every product. We also want to celebrate all the amazingly talented people who produce our products, and tell their stories.

So I decided to make laminated cards that tell the story, but how to display them? I found some handy little clips on a steel cable, but couldn't think what to use as a base - it needs to be quite heavy so that the card doesn't wobble and fall over.

Then I remembered I have a collection of little bottles - I am not actually much of a collector, it's just that I hate throwing things away - I'm sure some shrink will have a field day with me! Being a commited crafter, I also went through the usual candle phase, and still have a block of wax to prove it. So, I thought, bottles + wax + clips = the perfect card clips.

A quick how-to:

Wash and thoroughly dry bottles.
Melt wax in a double boiler.
Carefully pour the wax into bottles.
I started with white wax and every time I poured wax into a bottle, I added a bit of red candle to the double boiler, first making the wax pink and finally red.
Now wait (I know, it's hard)
When the wax solidifies, it contracts, leaving a concave void at the lip of the bottle.
Fill with a bit more melted wax (if you've gradually darkened your wax it's difficult to match the colour properly, but don't dispair, just think two-tone!)
Now insert the clip, balancing it over the top of the bottle with a peg.
Leave for about 30 mins.
If you still have an uneven top, you can use a heat gun to melt just the top layer of wax.

... et voila! The perfect card clip. I think these would make perfect place card holders for a balmy summer cocktail party, don't you?

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