Moving the mountain to Khayelitsha 

Because there is very little work at the moment, we've decided to save the weavers' transport money and send the Mielie-mountain to the mammas, instead of asking them to come to the Mielie mother-ship in Newlands. Everybody met at Zanele's and soaked up some rays of sunshine while waiting their turn to get their week's work. It was also great to see all the children and grandchildren.

Finally, you may notice that I've reactivated the comments field because this blog was just becoming a one-sided affair. So please leave me a comment, and please don't tell those spammers, ok?
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Check it out 

We've just popped these tartan cushions into the shop. They came out so nicely, I think I might try the tartan designs on some bags.
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Colour therapy 

A jumble of knots and spaghetti... a pile of balls... wait... a new product!
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Meet imbi - ugly little critter 

I've been having fun with some super thick knitting needles and our Mielie strips. The result is Imbi, Xhosa for ugly. His ears make perfect handles so you can lug him about with you and get up to mischief together... or just have a cuddle.
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Hello, Autumn 

Hey, I'm back after a wonderful Easter, Labour day and Freedom day break, filled with choccies and friends from afar. In Cape Town we're all loving the beautiful autumn days - the golden sunsets and crisp, often foggy morning walks with the dogs. We've had a couple of rainy days already, but the summer was so hot and dry that the rain is very welcome and the world is already looking much softer and greener.

Time to unpack the knitting needles, methinks!
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MORE speckled delights! 

Look what one very creative knitter has designed with our Mielie T-shirt yarn! Cathy Carron used red-and-white striped t-shirt yarn to make this gorgeous tissue box cover.

To download the pattern go to . You'll have to sign up to Ravelry to become a member - it's free, and oh so worth the trouble if you like to knit and crochet. The best part is that the t-shirt yarn knits up so quickly, you can knit this project under an hour!

Mielie's t-shirt yarn is exclusively marketed by Be Sweet in areas other than South Africa. Visit for more.
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A 3/4 jean pant! 

New in the shop - these beaut 3/4 jeans, each sporting a hand embroidered bird or cow on the pocket. And they're so comfy - I know because we made two samples before we were 100% happy that we had perfected the fit. They have pleating detail on the knees and the cutest ever wood-look button. Perfect for the lovely autumn days we're having at the moment, they also look great with boots.

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... And they're off! 

These are just some of the beauties on their way to our awesome Scandinavian distributor, Outi of Mums. Zanele looks really pleased with the result. Well done, team!
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Colour Rush! 

After an absolute dearth of colour strips for our Mielie bags, we managed to obtain a whole ton - of just about every colour of the rainbow! The Mielie mama's whooped and squealed with delight when they arrived on sebenza day. It seems as if Manyawusa and Sentiwe decided to colour code their outfits to match their bags this week.
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How to stay cool. Very cool. 

Weather-wise we have had a couple of real shtinkers over the past week or two. Some of us wilt into a sweaty, red-faced pile of misery, whereas others, like Zandile here, just take it in their stylish stride. You can cool down just by standing in her cool aura!
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