Chaos theory 

Phew, what a day. The only word to describe the Mielie loft today was C-H-A-O-S. It was Mielie mamma Thursday so there was the usual noise and laughter. We also had a very wonderful client in to check progress on a very wonderful and very huge job (lips sealed - but it has something to do with those crop circles I posted a couple of weeks ago). To crown it all we also packed dozens of boxes today for 3 big orders leaving in the next day or so.

But as that clever Mr Jung said:
In all chaos, there is a cosmos, in all disorder there is a secret order.

Sentiwe, Nomelikhaya, Lindiwe and Bongs seem to concur that this little corner of chaos creates some pretty awesome bags. These will all be hopping on a plane for Germany tomorrow.

One person who must be singled out for illuminating the secret order in the Mielie chaos is Mzo, who just keeps calm, keeps tabs and keeps going. Thank you so much, Mzo.
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Stox in Ireland 

Zelouf and Bell, contemporary furniture design company in Ireland sent me these images of the chairs that they covered in our Stox fabric.
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Free iPod/camera pouch tutorial 

Click here for a free tutorial just for you.
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New in the shop 

We're so delighted to have the first products made from our "Stox" fabric in the shop that we're offering you a discount! This special offer is valid till next Thurdsay.
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Rainy day story 

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Less than a month to go! 

With less than a month to go, the World Cup is South Africa's no.1 topic at the moment. Here at Mielie things are no different. We've selected Mielie's finishing team to represent us in all matters footballish. Whenever we send a product out into the world, we always write the name of the weaver on the label, but there just isn't enough room to include the names of the finishing team who
- sew the bag up
- stitch on the handles
- sew in the lining
- sew up soccer balls
... and much much more.

So here's to Thaka, Luyolo, Richard, George & Malibongwe;
Mzo, Phumla, Mawethu, Thembisa & Nomalungisa.

We think you're champions!

The balls are a special World Cup order and will be on sale in major airports in South Africa.
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Sunset season 

In Cape Town we have the most beautiful sunsets in autumn. These sunsets were all snapped from our deck over the past week or two.
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If you go down to the woods today... 

... you might find some pretty interesting crop circles! The orbit discs have been trickling in as the right colours come in. Luckily we still have a bit of time to complete the job so we can still afford to be fussy about getting exactly the right shades. Exactly what the job is, I can't tell you. Yet...
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She came. She saw. She mucked in. 

Meet Lucy Adams, who has spent the past month volunteering at Mielie. Lucy had arrived from the UK, and offered to share her (pretty impressive) organisational skills here at Mielie while she was waiting for her South African work permit. She helped us develop planning systems and production plans to help us foresee any hitches long before they become a crisis.

Enkosi khakulu, Lucy!
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Sad news 

On the hunt for some beautiful wool for a new range of coats, I popped into SA Fine Worsted, tradtionally Cape Town's Mecca for beautiful wool fabrics. ... Only to find out that they are yet another local textile factory that is closing down. In fact, the factory is already closed and the factory shop is only open for a couple more days. So if you want to stock up on some never-to-be-repeated bargains, pop in to their factory shop in 7th Ave, Kensington.

Personally, I'd prefer to pay a bit more and know they will be around in the future...
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