Purse winners 

Thanks so much to everyone who sent in recipes - they all sounded so delicious that we've decided to compile a little recipe book to sell at the Organic market on Friday morning.

I tried out a couple of recipes, but there wasn't time to prepare them all, so the judges (ahem!) had to also use their imagination.

Drumroll... And the winners are:

- Carolyn for her Asian Baby Cabbage Salad
- Antonia for her Pasta Salad
- Patricia for her Grilled Vegetables

And then we decided that Mike's Mielie (corn) recipe also deserved a special Poet/Chef award.

Congratulations to you all! Now please contact me so that you can choose your design.

Have a great weekend everyone!
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New! Market bag 

Just look what Manyawusa the Magnificent and Marina the Marvelous whipped up today - the perfect market bag. Come and get yours tomorrow morning at our organic veggie market outside the Mielie shop. Hmm, I think I'll stitch some Mielie labels on tonight.
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Bright young things with hearts of gold 

We recently crossed paths with Wyers, a promising young design student whose ambition is to use his skills to improve lives. When we took Mielie friends to Khayelitsha in April, they donated some money to our foundation to weatherproof our crafters' homes. Marina and Wyers came up with the brainwave of training someone who needs work to set up a little business to weatherproof shacks. Last Friday they fixed the Phumeza and Thozama's homes, while showing Lubabalo how. Marina's friend, Ben also volunteered

Thanks to all of you!

As you might have noticed, the veggie recipes are pouring in. You have until end of business on Friday to submit a recipe and win a Mielie coin purse of your own design, ok?
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Why are the boys looking so pleased with themselves? 

While I've been flitting around having fun Mawethu, Loyolo, Thaka, Malibongwe and Mzo (not pictured) have been working really hard sewing together the panels of these exquisite cubes for the offices Cape Craft & Design Institute. There will be twelve altogether. They measure 75 cm x 75cm x 47cm and I'm delighted with how they came out. Well done, finishing team and extra well done to the weavers!
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Succulent Art 

I think succulent plants are geometry in slow motion. I snapped these at Tannie Sylvie's beautiful cottage in Churchaven this weekend.

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Coin purse give-away 

To celebrate our brand new coin purses, we've decided to give three away. To win you simply need to send us your favourite veggie recipe in the comment field. It doesn't have to be vegetarian but it can't be TOO complicated and may not use any exotic ingredients. Perhaps a soup? a stew? a main dish or a side dish? some kind of pesto?

The best part is that if you win, you get to choose the design. Either an existing Mielie design or send us your own sketch - just make it simple ok? As co-judge I've volunteered my good friend Annemarie, who has worked tirelessly to make the Mielie Food Garden dream a reality. We will announce the winner next Friday evening.

If you live in Cape Town you should know by now that Friday morning is organic market morning at Montebello. All proceeds go to the Mielie Food Garden, which is going along beautifully, thanks to Ben's tuition and Richard's hard work. If you would like to receive weekly updates of what will be on sale, send your email address to veggies@mielie.com.

Phew, that was quite a week - have a great weekend, one and all!

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Cute cute coin purses 

We are all so delighted with the newest and tiniest pony in the Mielie stable - the coin purse. It measures 12 cm x 12 cm and is the handiest little thing ever!
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Little red mini in Suomi 

When I opened my suitcase, I found a little red matchbox Mini that Niki had popped in my bag to remember him by. As you can see, the little red mini had a great time in Finland.
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Design Forum workshop 

Sorry the entries have been a bit scant of late. Zanele and I are back home after our incredible Finnish adventure. On Wednesday we hosted a Mielie weaving workshop Helsinki's chic Design Forum. We had prepared hessians to make cute little coin purses. The event was very well attended and everyone had a blast.
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Beautiful home 

We visited the home of Finnish ceramicist Karin Widnas (add a couple of dots and bubbles to the vowels). Karin made many of the tiles and wall coverings in her home herself. The house has taken ten years to complete and it is beautiful. Words that spring to mind are calm, natural, simple, textured and spacious. She also has an impressive collection of works from other ceramicists on display. Have a look here for more photos of her home.

Zanele arrived safely in Helsinki yesterday. A holdup in the issuing of her passport meant we couldn't fly together, so she flew all on her own, first to Amsterdam and then Helsinki. Not bad for someone who has never flown before! When asked how it felt to fly, Zanele said, "When I'm up there, I feel free."
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