MORE speckled delights! 

Look what one very creative knitter has designed with our Mielie T-shirt yarn! Cathy Carron used red-and-white striped t-shirt yarn to make this gorgeous tissue box cover.

To download the pattern go to . You'll have to sign up to Ravelry to become a member - it's free, and oh so worth the trouble if you like to knit and crochet. The best part is that the t-shirt yarn knits up so quickly, you can knit this project under an hour!

Mielie's t-shirt yarn is exclusively marketed by Be Sweet in areas other than South Africa. Visit for more.
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A 3/4 jean pant! 

New in the shop - these beaut 3/4 jeans, each sporting a hand embroidered bird or cow on the pocket. And they're so comfy - I know because we made two samples before we were 100% happy that we had perfected the fit. They have pleating detail on the knees and the cutest ever wood-look button. Perfect for the lovely autumn days we're having at the moment, they also look great with boots.

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... And they're off! 

These are just some of the beauties on their way to our awesome Scandinavian distributor, Outi of Mums. Zanele looks really pleased with the result. Well done, team!
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Colour Rush! 

After an absolute dearth of colour strips for our Mielie bags, we managed to obtain a whole ton - of just about every colour of the rainbow! The Mielie mama's whooped and squealed with delight when they arrived on sebenza day. It seems as if Manyawusa and Sentiwe decided to colour code their outfits to match their bags this week.
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How to stay cool. Very cool. 

Weather-wise we have had a couple of real shtinkers over the past week or two. Some of us wilt into a sweaty, red-faced pile of misery, whereas others, like Zandile here, just take it in their stylish stride. You can cool down just by standing in her cool aura!
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Crate fun 

Sorry about the wait for the pics - I misplaced my camera! Here are those promised photos of our new SitIn product range - crochet slip covers and cushions for milk crates and gym balls. The material used is the same as we use for our Mielie hooked rug range - recycled t-shirt fabric strips. It's been a long time since I've been this excited about a new product!
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So much news! 
The Design Indaba came and went this weekend - and what a success it was! We built our shelving system out of milk crates that we cable-tied together. People loved it and many other exhibitors gave it the thumbs up too - cheap and so flexible.

On display and sale were some old favourites - Mielie bags in various well loved and new designs, as well as some new - packs of 3 meter bunting strips and also the ever popular button-together alphabet bunting.

In the New department we launched our new SitIn range of stools at DI and entered them into a furniture design competition... and won second prize! The SitIn comes in two versions - the Madoda, a milk crate with a cushion on top covered with a crochet slip-cover, and the Tshomi, a milk crate with a crochet cushion on top. It was quite a job to teach our weavers to crochet, and until the very last moment I didn't know if we would have product to display! Thanks to everyone involved in making the SitIn happen, especially Astrid, whose patience is astounding.

For me the highlight of Design Indaba is touching base with all the other designers and crafters and seeing what wonderful new products they have dreamed up.

Photos tomorrow, ok?
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Altogether now: Eeeekkkkk! 

These roaches, expertly woven by the Mielie mammas, have been stitched onto panels and delivered to Infecting the City, a "provocative, high quality, innovative public art festival", due to open on the 21st. The panels be joined to form one of the stages.

When the festival is over, they will be returned to us in the spirit of recycling. We will stitch them together to make 3 ottomans. One is already spoken for, but if you believe that a roach ottoman is just that je ne sais quoi that's missing from your home, give us a call!
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New cards... 

Hand cut, hand painted, hand drawn and hand stuck by the one and only Georgie. In the shop now, so hurry.

Thanks Georgie!
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Sit and smell the coffee 

After a great break filled with family, friends and food, we're back - well rested and chomping at the bit for a year filled with great ideas and great products... like these ottomans that Mawethu is helping to refine. They are made from coffee sacks which have been hand-stitched together. Can't wait to see the final product!
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