Party time 

For the second year running we celebrated our annual staff party at Muizenberg beach with fish & chips. It was a blast - literally and figuratively - the wind pumped, but this didn't seem to dampen any spirits!
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Sweden, Meet Mielie 

People of Sweden, visit our fantastic Mielie distributor, Outi Puro of Mum's, at the Formex show. She will show you Mielie's delectable range of products.
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Almost harvest time 

Things have been so hectic of late - I am doing a bit of freelance and we're also dreaming up a brand new bag to be launched at Design Indaba. Hence the silence on the blog front.

Unfortunately I can't really show you any images so I thought I'd write an update on my veggie garden, which has been christened Happy Chaos II, my house being Happy Chaos I. After a gruelling war against the aphids, my artichokes are finally starting bear fruit - or flowers? And oh my, are we going to get creative with tomato recipes around here. Any ideas, anyone?

I also harvested a little potato puppy!
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BoKaap, Khayelitsha, Kalk Bay 

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Hi - I'm back after a great Christmas break filled with family, friends (old and new), sunshine and mountains of food. I hope your Christmas and New Year lived up to expectations and that your year ahead is creative, productive and prosperous.

I have GREAT news - see this pic of Zanele standing on sandy plot of land?

Soon she's going to be standing in her house!

That's right, Zanele and several other Mielie weavers have each been allocated a plot, water connection and toilet. They will soon receive building supplies and will then need to find a contractor to build their houses. We are all so excited!

I will post pics of the house building in progress.
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Our wish for you 

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I spent yesterday's public holiday screenprinting t-shirts. They came out beautifully! The one with signage from little shops in Woodstock and Salt River is my favourite.

Ntsaphokazi took delivery of her special order today - two AJ bags that she wove herself for her mum and aunt as gifts. If you know her mum or aunt, don't tell, ok?
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Ship shape shop! 

If you've visited our Mielie shop before, you probably would have had the good fortune to meet the ever-gracious, ever-elegant, ever friendly Nolundi, our store manager. Here she is sporting a new look - love the do, girl!

And if you haven't been to visit us in person, here are a couple of last-minute christmas gift reasons:

- our hand-made christmas decorations make an awesome little stocking filler.
They also look great on a beautifully wrapped present

- Speaking of stockings, we have a couple of mielie cuff stockings left

- spell a little boy or girl's name in button-together bunting
(Now also in the webshop)

- african wax print sarong & strappy top with lace trim make a perfect beach holiday gift
(I know, the idea of a beach christmas is a very strange concept to you people of the north)

- we've stocked up with loads of ceeeuuuut coin purses sporting stawberries, cherries
and all things bright and beautiful.

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New design 

We received the first samples of the new Cobble design today. I love the colour combination.
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