After much head-scratching, many false starts, some incompatible formats and with a little help from my friends, I present to you (drumroll...)

The Mielie Nightingales!

And then we were politely asked to stop because the dancing was making the light fittings of the jewellery studio below us bounce and swing!
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Coeeencidence? I seenk nat! 

Which came first - the mielie bag or the outfit? Lindiwe and Nomelikhaya aren't telling!
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Spring 09/10 

I'm going to ask the weavers to translate these designs into Mielie in the next week or two. I'll keep you updated!
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packaging from all over 

At Mielie we love celebrating local brands and imagery in our special medium. But maybe we should spread our wings...?

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Shadow play 

There's a certain ray of sunlight that only visits on sunny days in the late winter. It casts a low golden beam on my kitchen counter and makes dramatic long shadows. The organic thingy in the images is the fibrous webbing around a watsonia bulb.

Two posts in one day can only mean one thing - MARINA IS BACK! Wamkilikeli, sisi!
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If you're in the area... 

Why don't you pop at the New York Gift Fair and say hi to Nadine of Be Sweet, our lovely US distributor. She's in the Javits Centre, in the Handmade section. We have, amongst others, the cutest new Mieie christmas decorations and our fab notebook bags on display.
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Etsy feature 

Thanks to Etsy for publishing the great article about Mielie recently featured in Hand/Eye magazine. Make sure you also read the interesting interview with Keith Recker, editor of Hand/Eye here.
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Take a bow, ladies 

A wonderful thing has happened on sebenza Thursday* lately - all the Mielie weavers have started to sing while they wait for their work to be checked. They sing mostly hymns in beautiful harmonies that have complicated rhythmic patterns. The music really, umm, struck a chord, because I grew up in a family where there was always singing and music, either from my opera singer mom, pianist dad or from all of us belting out "Oh give me a home..." and "Campfire's burning!" at the top of our voices on road trips. It was only when I was older that I realised that this wasn't normal or cool.

I'm sure you've noticed that I've been somewhat distracted of late - blog entries have been scarce, to say the least. The reasons are many, but it's mainly that the lovely and hardworking Marina has been on leave, so I have had my nose in the spreadsheets, price lists and status reports. The great news is that Marina is back on Monday, and so will I - in the blogging seat!

* Sebenza = work, or the day that the Mielie weavers bring in their work.

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Andrea, you lucky fish! 

Don't you just love it when someone makes a suggestion you would never have thought of and it works like a bomb? When Mielie's Gauteng agent, Andrea, ordered a Lucky Star laptop bag for herself, I wasn't 100% sure we'd pull it off - it's quite a complicated design that also needs to line up on the flap. Did I say flap? Well, Cokile didn't flap for one second - look at the beauty she produced!

People of Gauteng, mail Andrea right now on if you want to get your own - and if you live anywhere else, just click Contact Me on the bar on the right.

Thanks Andrea for the idea, and thanks, Cokile for the fish.
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Mielie's littlest helper 

As you know by now, Buhle is the cutest thing south of the north pole, AND he can also put in a hard day's work. He's always game to help pull a bag straight or give someone a word of advice. And of course his most valuable job at Mielie is that of class clown.
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