When the going gets tough... 

... the tough get braiding. We were privileged to be invited to be part of the Textile Showcase of the South African Handmade collection at Decorex in Joburg last week. Sheila and I went up to fly the Mielie flag, and it was great to connect with Mielie fans and all the creative people who were showing their newest collections.

My last word on Jozie? Dang, those girls (and boys!) sure know how to braid!
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Vintage treasure 

I found this beautiful vintage blanket at the Milnerton market recently. It's so neatly crocheted (is that really the past tense of crochet?)! Makes me think that we should try out a crochet gym ball next...
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Colour therapy 

A jumble of knots and spaghetti... a pile of balls... wait... a new product!
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MORE speckled delights! 

Look what one very creative knitter has designed with our Mielie T-shirt yarn! Cathy Carron used red-and-white striped t-shirt yarn to make this gorgeous tissue box cover.

To download the pattern go to http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/ka-choo . You'll have to sign up to Ravelry to become a member - it's free, and oh so worth the trouble if you like to knit and crochet. The best part is that the t-shirt yarn knits up so quickly, you can knit this project under an hour!

Mielie's t-shirt yarn is exclusively marketed by Be Sweet in areas other than South Africa. Visit http://besweetproducts.com/yarns/t-shirt/ for more.
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Idea, meet your manifestation and creator 

These will be turned into beautiful ottomans for the Forum Homini boutique hotel at the Cradle of Mankind.
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Exquisite hand painted cards in stock 

Sheila just put these beautiful cards into the shop. Cut, stitched, pasted and hand painted by Georgie Berens, each one is little masterpiece that would just as happily live in a frame on your wall.

Thanks, Georgie!
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Say it! 

Every now and then a little gift arrives in your inbox... like this beautiful photo and the sweetest email from Alexis, a Mielie fan from San Diego, who visited us last month. Alexis is pictured here with a couple of her friends for whom she bought Mielie gifts. Her mail was just what I needed in the middle of a pretty crappy week, and it made me realise how often we THINK a nice thought about someone and don't pick up the phone or send an email and SAY it. So go ahead... make someone's day. Alexis made mine!
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somewhere over the rainbow 

Niki and I discovered that you get the most fantastic rainbows when we take photos through my car's laminated windows. (In case you're worried, Niki took the pics while I drove.)
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Philip Garner continued 

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Where's Philip? 
This is my favourite book in all the world:

I bought it in Vienna when I was 19, and have loved it for decades now - as you can see by its condition. My friends and children have also pored over it, and it's had some near-death-by-bath experiences. I love the ideas, the styling, the copy - it's all so serious and authentic. But most of all, it's full of brilliant ideas to make life just that much better and funner.

I wondered what Mr Garner has been up to lately, so I googled him. And... nada - there's a Philip Garner the educational psychologist, Philip Garner the chemical engineer, Philip Garner the baseball player, Philip Garner the illustrator, but no Philip Garner the inventor genius. Have you heard of him recently?

I photographed some of the best pics for you - hope you can read the text. Then I rebound it. There. Now it's ready for the next generation. More pics tomorrow.
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