Send in the crowds... umm, the clowns 

We headed for town to experience the diski-jubilation-vibe that was the start of the world cup. It was such a blast!

As you can see from my photos, I'm far happier with my face behind the camera and my back to the tv screen, capturing the real stars of the world cup - the fans.

Don't you just love the girl in the vuvuzela outfit (top left)? At last a vuvuzela that no-one is complaining about!
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Happy vuvuzela day 

Ok. Now world cup fever has really hit town. Even sleepy Montebello design centre was shaken awake at noon, when the country was called upon to blow upon their vuvuzelas*. Love them or hate them, you'd better get used to them!

In case you've been hibernating for the last five years, a Vuvuzela is a trumpet that is blown to express solidarity with one's team.
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Best dressed car 

Oh boy, have we had fun dressing our car in South African stars for the world cup! Here's how we did it.

I bought a 2m piece of magnetic decal specially meant for cars from Maizey Plastics in Paardeneiland. (Regular fridge decal doesn't stick as well, so all your stars might fly off on the highway!) Because it only comes in white, I also bought some vinyl in the flag colours from Maizey. They also sold me a very handy little spatula that helps to spread the vinyl evenly.

To make things easier I cut the decal into smaller pieces and cut the vinyl into matching pieces. You'll need someone to help you to stick the vinyl down. It helps to spray a thin mist of water onto the decal before you carefully stick down the vinyl. Working from the centre to the outside edge, use the spatula to ensure that you have no air or water bubbles. (If all else fails, prick them with a pin).

Cut some star-shaped stencils in various sizes out of cardboard.
Draw the stars on the vinyl with a white board marker and cut out with a pair of craft scissors that you don't mind getting blunt. Et voila!

The whole excercise cost me about R250 ($30, 25 Euro) and I have a whole lot of decals left that I intend to transform into fridge magnets.
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This city rocks! 

Long Street, Cape Town's coolest street, was a-jiving and a-writhing and a-thriving last night as Capetonians, Africans and people of the world thronged there to celebrate the Fifa 2010 world cup draw. Cape Town pulled out all the stops and gave the world a little taste of an AFRICAN world cup experience!
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Welcome, world 

Tomorrow is a big day in Cape Town. Dignitaries and the who's who in soccer have flown in to attend the draw that decides in which groups the qualifying countries will compete during next year's world cup. To celebrate the event, we thought we'd have some flag fun. We made some AJ bags with the South African flag on one side and the flag of some of our favourite teams on the other. Meanwhile, Nomthunzi made a soccer ball in traditional flag colours.
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