If you go up to the Shop on Top... 

... you would see a beautiful Mielie seat adorned with some of the fynbos flowers that one can see on Table Mountain. The charming gift store is housed in a magnificent granite building close to the cable station on top of Table Mountain. It's just had a revamp, so pop in and take a stylish seat!
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Exotic Mielie destinations 

One of the best things about Mielie is that our general and geographical knowledge and just keeps on improving as our products get posted to exotic sounding places. Like Powys, in Wales, the town that boasts the happiest people in Britain. As you can see Powys is a magical place in winter, but in spring it transforms to the greenest valley you've ever seen. Maybe this Flower Field Mielie bag will nudge spring along?
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And then there were four 

Toes curled and whoops of delight were, well, whooped when these beauties arrived today. Zanele, Manyawuza, Sentiwe, you truly are master crafters. These four yoga cushions are on their way to Aix en Provence, where they will be gracing the lovely Isabelle's yoga studio.
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Say "bonjour" to many waves of grey and black 

We've been having a trs magnifique time with several lovely French clients lately. This custom chair was specially woven by Manyawuza for Mathilde, whose charming mum, Chantale, made it all happen. The design is a classic japanese woodcut design called Qinghai. I think Manyawuza's interpretation is extraordinaire, n'est-ce pas?
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Happiness = beautiful work 

We're currently working on a set of four yoga bolster cushions for a Isabelle, a wonderful client from France. The weavers quickly nicknamed them "sausage cushions"! Each cushion will have a different accent colour, but the designs will all be similar. I can't wait to see them all!
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Introducing the Braidy Lady 

Oh my goodness, the little boy scout in me has become absolutely hooked on knotting, braiding, and loomless weaving! I took a book of knots with me on holiday and had so much fun. Now what to do with all my little multicoloured treasures?
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Wildlife inspiration 

I've just come back from a lovely holiday at the Kruger. It was thrilling to see all those magnificent animals roaming freely. It also made me realise that we've captured quite a few of them in our Mielie medium. Only those delinquent hyenas and the stately rhinoceros still need to be mielie'ed.

Confession time: We did once do a rhino, but everyone thought is the love child of narwhal and a manatee.
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Feeling the blues 

I love the colour of this wall. I see it often in Khayelitsha, both as an interior and an exterior paint. While we are waiting for Zanele's house to be built, we either meet at Vuyelwa's house with its zingy apple-meets-lime green walls, or at Zanele's boyfriend's house, where the calming aqua walls create a illusion of cool serenity in spite of the stifling heat in the uninsulated shack.

Aqua? Celestine blue? Duck egg? Light Turquoise? This wall by any other name feels just as cool!
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Kirstenbosch inspiration 

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Meet a true craftsman 

We were devastated when our magnificent Coronation chair recently returned home damaged from its sojourn in London... Devastated because we had not yet heard of Hugh and Verna Lane, master restorers and experts on all things old and beautiful. I Google-searched "antique restorers Cape Town" and Hugh and Verna's company had by far the most glowing testimonials.

Hugh speaks a language peppered with exotic words like veneer, lacquer, French polish, shellac, walnut and oak. There is a wonderful balance of order and disorder in his workshop, where everything has a place, and Hugh knows exactly where that place is. Louis, the funniest hound ever keeps Hugh company.

Hugh did major surgery on the chair and she is as good as new, which is a good thing, because she is about to leave us for good... for her new home at the South African High Commission in London!

If you have a piece of antique furniture that needs repairing, whether structural or in the finish, give them a call - they know their stuff. You can find all their details here.
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