Wear your art on your sleeve 

While they were packing up their old house, I received many treasures from parents, including this beautiful book, Folk Costumes of the World by R. Harrold and P Legg. It reminded me of one of the talks on the TED website by Wade Davis in which he makes a case for the preservation for the disappearing cultures and languages of the world - listen to it here. TED is one of my most exciting recent discoveries.

I am fascinated by notions like culture, belonging and skills that are handed down from one generation to the next. It seems to me that every stitch on every dress has a story, that every colour has meaning.

By the way, Zanele and I will be visiting Finland early next month to take part in an exhibition at Fiskars Village. I can't wait to be greeted by Outi, our Finish distributor, in her beautiful folk dress!

It SO LOVELY to have You Here!!

I will now begin to look for a finnish folk dress for me as they are beautiful as all folk dresses. My grandmother made one for my mother as a teenager. Too small..

If I do not find it we`ll go to the finnish Culture museum to see those. Yes, we can!!

Jenny Borthwick  
I can't belive it. I discovered TED for the first time last night and am hooked. I keep finding things I want to e-mail to everyone I know. The talks about creativity and education are brilliant!

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